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The company is committed to continuously develop the new design into product....

 Campus information
Fourteen Bodum Products Win 2010 iF Product Design Awards
Source: gifts-and-tablewares.comNEW YORK, NY - Fourteen Bodum produc...
*  Fourteen Bodum Products Win 2010 iF Product Desig... 2015-12-29
*  Pioneering Shenzhen gets UNESCO award 2015-12-09
*  Inclusive Design Seminar was held successfully at CO... 2015-09-02
*  "Living Together, Innovating Together" - I... 2015-08-25
*  Prof. Dr. Peter Zec was received by Minister of Sh... 2015-08-05
*  Inclusive Design of UK Designers 2015-08-04
*  48 Hour Inclusive Design Challenge 2015-07-31
*  Inclusive Design 2008 2015-07-29
*  IDSA 2010 international conference: call for papers 2010-03-04
*  Leading Thinkers Will Gather at DMI’s Re-Think... 2010-03-01
 Industry information
15,000 overseas buyers attend ICIF
Source: Shenzhen DailyPainters use a foreigner as a model in Dafen Oil Pa...
  *  15,000 overseas buyers attend ICIF 2015-05-15
  *  Detroit Auto Show Will Emphasize Electric Vehicle... 2015-01-15
  *  Design Revolution Road Show’s Top 10 Moments Thu... 2010-03-11
  *  Dual City Summer Sessions: London Barcelona 2010 2010-03-05
  *  Seoul Design Declaration Signed at WDC World De... 2010-02-25
  *  International designers set to storm sydney next week f... 2010-02-24
  *  ICSID Calls for Design Solutions in the Face of... 2010-01-22
  *  Former IDEO Partner Joins Design Council as Ch... 2010-01-19
  *  ICSID Welcomes New Promotional Member, Daegu G... 2010-01-14
  *  Ford to Bring Electric Vehicle Battery Design In-... 2010-01-12
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