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ICSID Welcomes New Promotional Member, Daegu Gyeonbuk Design Center

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Montreal (Canada) - Icsid is pleased to announce the addition of a new Promotional Member to the Icsid Network, the Daegu Gyeonbuk Design Center (DGDC). Established in 2008 by the Korean Central Ministry of Knowledge and Economy jointly with Daegu Metropolitan City, DGDC is bound to promote the regional design industry, enhance the strength of local design consulting firms and provide young students with financial supports for creative works.

DGDC is currently running a completely experimental and innovative educational programme, Korean Design Membership (KDM), which consists of pre-selecting young talented students and supporting their creative design works. As a visible result, several KDM members have received some of the world's most prestigious Design Awards such as IF and red dot awards.

DGDC has an ambition to be the East-Asian region's design hub, meaning that by building up efficient design network, DGDC will become a specialised CMF (Color, Material, Finishing) center.

To find out more about DGDC, visit:

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