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48 Hour Inclusive Design Challenge

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The 2008 Inclusive Design Challenge is held from 28-30, August 2008 by the British Council China and the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre. Since 2000, eight Inclusive Design Challenges have been held.  Inter-disciplinary teams of designers from Hong Kong, mainland China, Korea and the ASEAN region will be led by a veteran designer from the UK, paired with a disabled design partner and asked to work against the clock to a thematic brief. The designers are expected to finish their designs within 48 hours.

For designers the Challenge is about operating outside their usual comfort zone, looking at a problem from the very different perspective of the disabled consumer and using those lateral insights to innovate for the mainstream consumer market.  In the process, they learn the key skills they need to compete in a world where inclusion through design is increasingly legislated and desired by clients, major corporations and consumers of all ages and abilities. 

The outcome is to develop innovative and inclusive new product and service ideas for the mainstream market-ones which span all design disciplines from product design, interaction design, 3D design, environments, services and visual communications. At the same time, the challenge will act as a platform for introducing inclusive design thinking for social inclusion.

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