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Inclusive Design Seminar was held successfully at COD

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On the 1st September, 2008, the British designers, the research team of British Royal Collage of Art and Chinese designers, the members of volunteer committee and the representatives from Guangzhou Disability English Training Center gathered together in International Conference Hall of “City of Design” creative industrial estate to attend “living Together, Innovating Together” inclusive design seminar , which was held by the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate-General Guangzhou and Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn center. The aims of this seminar were to improve the awareness of cohesive society and to hope the designers can take the disabled as the starting point to design the products that would reflect the thoughts of “cohesive and inclusive“ and draw more public attention to the disabled.

The sprits of “Inclusive Design” lie in considering the special needs of some groups such as the disabled, the old, the children and patient. However, the design proposals must apply to the mainstream design market.

Designers need to know about the actual needs and expectations of the ignored group. The users of products are essential in the process design. “Inclusive Design”, considering more users’ needs, intends to improve the services and the quality of products to make it suitable for more countries.

“48 Hours Inclusive Design” competition was held in Hongkong from Aug 28-30, 2008. It has been the eighth from 2000. In this competition, with the leading of the senior British designer, cross-section design masters from Hongkong, China mainland and South-East Asia cooperated with a disabled designer to compete it in a unique way. Firstly, they tried it from the disable’s view and then used their imaginations to bring new idea for the mainstream consumer market. The competitors must finish their works within 48 hours.

Welcome speech by Jim Hollington, British Council Director Guangzhou. He said “good design is a new concept for people and it can bring tangible benefits for people’s life. This exchange meeting will explain in detail about the “inclusive design” concept to bring more inspiration to everyone.”

Ms. Julia Cassim from the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Center, made an introduction of the “Inclusive Design” and “48 hours Inclusive Design”.

British designers shared competition experience with everybody. The screen shows a work of “48 hours inclusive design”---“listening and harmony”-- using the gesture to express how to lessen the surrounding noise pollution.

The designers from south China shared competition experience. He expressed that “Inclusive Design” was not only for design, but also made designers know about all aspects of design and learn to deal with its problems with design mind.

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