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Hainan International Creative Harbor

     Hainan International Creative Harbor project is led by industrial design and industrial chain industry, taking famous domestic and foreign design masters and brand design enterprises as the main principal. Based on the huge market demand of tourism products, hotel products, high-end presents, creative agricultural and architectural design, and new media design which are formed during the construction of international tourism island, it sets up the industrialization settled in the park, meeting the requirements of the front-end market during the construction of International Tourism Island. 

     The Harbor aims to incubate the homegrown creative design industry foundation of Hainan rapidly, build industrial environment; to integrate, attract and combine industrial resources, forming the professional, high-end and international innovative design service outsourcing center and patent transformation center of regional tourism industry (products) with Hainan as the core, covering Pan- Pearl River Delta and radiating the whole China even foreign countries. 

     Supported by Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, Hainan International Creative Harbor is the first creative industrial park project promoted by Haikou Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government in Hainan that serves the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island and focuses on industry innovation, brand innovation and product innovation. 

     Adopting the government supported, business centered and market oriented operating way, this project aims to provide cutting-edge, innovative, creative, and high-end design services to meet the huge demand for industrial chain during the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island. This project is operated by Shenzhen Sphinx Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd., the largest industrial chain operation service provider of domestic industrial design, and Hainan provincial and Haikou municipal governments will provide policy and funding support in the aspects of industry development, environment reform and public platform construction, etc.

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