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 Shenzhen “City of Design” Creative Design Industrial Estate
    Project: Shenzhen “City of Design” Creative Design Industrial estate
    Developer: Shenzhen Sphinx Culture & Communication Co,.Ltd
    Operator: Shenzhen City of Design Culture Industry Co.,Ltd

 Creative Industry Development situation in and out of China

 Project Background

    1、Policy Background 
       Establishes the construction in Shenzhen “the creativity city”, “benefit Shenzhen” the development targets and “the culture sets up the city” developmental strategy today, promotes the foundation in the Shenzhen new central District Futian District “the city of design” the creativity design industry garden area complies with action the global culture industry development. This project has been integrated "Shenzhen Culture Industry Development the eleventh “five-year” Plan and Futian one of three big culture industry projects of basic construction.
    2、Project Position 
        Project selected location Futian District Tinamian industrial district, occupying a land area of 1.5 hectares, floor space 47,800 square meters; it is in the Futian central area gold land sector, east near Hua Qiang North business circle and Hua Fulu Zhonghang park commercial district, the development creativity design has the strong commercial atmosphere, and can raise north effectively Huaqiang business circle cultural inside information; West will meet the future the Futian science and technology square, will have the convenience culture industry and the technical industry docking geography superiority, has the huge spatial sensility; It also near emperor hillock port, has the extremely convenient physical distribution traffic conditions, delays the creativity product effectively the radiation radius; North depends on the Shenzhen center park, the environment is comfortable, suitable stimulation inspiration, design creation and artistic exchange.
    3、Traffic Situation 
        This project is located in the Huanggang road and the Shennan road infall east north side, northern side is the Shenzhen center park, the east side faces Hua Fu Road as Hua qiang north market level business centers and so on Shanghai Hotel, Gland Hotel, west side faces Haunggang, Caitian road, the southeast direction separates Shennan Road, Futian middle school and the Futian hospital and so on the public utility primarily group. From the Asian biggest land route port Haunggang port straight distance 2000 meters, is away from the Shenzhen-HK busiest stream of people port Luohu port time to be away from 25 minutes (to ride subway), walks to Shenzhen subway line 10 minutes, other mass transit vehicles reach south 100 line way Shennan road and Hua Fu Road.
    4、Policy Advantage 
        Shenzhen establishes the basic stratagem policy of "build a civilized City" and takes out the several documents such as: some economic policy on promoting the development of cultural industry’,’ the temporary rules of Special funds management on cultural industry of Shenzhen’,’ the implement propose of building a cultural industry region. The finance bureau of FuTian District will arrange the special funds of 50 million from industrial development funds each year to support entirely the development of cultural industry. The government of FuTian District would bestow proper rent allowance to the enterprises in the creative plaza in the first three years after the region reconstruction. The municipal government of Shenzhen encourages managing the newly cultural enterprise, the creativity design organization, Shenzhen Municipal government encourages to manage the cultural enterprise, the creativity planning board newly, gets up from the industry and commerce registration date exempts three year enterprise income taxes. Shenzhen has the fund of 4.5millon’s allowance to culture industry region of municipality, feasts benefit policy of nation, province, and municipality.

 Function Partition

1、 Layout Principle Carries on the transformation but with brief not the simple way, but manifests simply does not lose artistic Germany “Bauhaus” the construction style, in addition the environmental protection idea and the cultural mark, argue vigorously from the contour to the intrinsic space achieve brief, new are sharp, are practical, science, art, concept organic fusions and so on environmental protection. 
2、 Function Subarea Creative Design Area: 35000 m2 (Fashion Design, Jewelry, Clothing, Industrial products)
      1、Product Design:15,000 m2 
      2、Interior Deign: 5,000m2 
      3、Graphic Design: 5,000m2 
      4、Architecture Design: 5,000m2 
      5、Overseas Design Studios and foreign companies: 5000m2 
Design Business Affairs Centre 5900m2
      1、Multi-function Business Affairs Centre 
      2、Investment & Financing and Brand Scheme
      4、Exchange & protect of Law Knowledge Property Rights 
      5. Design Training & Qualification Authentication 
      6. Design Show & Product Promulgation 
      7、Design Information Centre 
      8、Free Creative Show 
Public Area 2200m2
      1、Designer Bar 
      2. Designer Restaurant
      3、Design Book Store 
      4、Business Hotel 
      5、Designer Flat 
      6、Service Centre for Designers 
      7、Call Centre (+86 755 84488133) 
      8、Multi-function Park 

 Target customers

1. Orientation
       It mainly attracts well-known creative-design enterprises at home and abroad, international designer, famous design academe and institution and government civilization industrial institution to get in the creative plaza, coming in to being a plaza centralizing well-known enterprises and academy famous master and designer.
2. Target clients group 
      Well-known design enterprises around the world Design masters and their design-studio Free-designers Brands consultant institutions Design association and design academy Government culture industrial institution The branch institution of intellectual property bureau Peripheral product developer and service provider Media Corporation (TV, Movie, Newspaper Magazine, Network etc)

 The qualification of enterprise and institution in the creative plaza.
      1. The excellent design institution, organization, products researcher and personal design studio. 
      2. It is provided with representation and authority in the design circles. 
      3. The enterprise institution or a man applies himself to the progress of world design industry and Chinese design industry.
      4. It beard the palm in the international design contest (such as Red Dot Award, IF design award, Düsseldorf design award etc)
      5. The design enterprise property right‘s perspicuity, no intellectual property dissension, running by its own, assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses, mechanism is running well. 
      6. Observes the national laws and regulations of the creative plaza in correlation.
 Product display
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